Sunday, November 27, 2011

6. Significant Events

1. Jeannette Walls was burnt by fire as a kid - This event is her earliest memory and shows how strong she is and doesn't let that effect her. After the event she actually became interested in fire and wasn't scared of it.

2. Jeannette and her family rush out of the house during the night - They are running from the bill collectors and they tell their kids it's another adventure, but as you read you can tell they don't like the adventures anymore.

3. The Glass Castle plans are talked about - Their family has a dream of building a house in the desert and it shows the parents really do care about the kids.

4. Jeannette tumbled out of the car - She thought her parents would leave her, but they didn't and you see they all care a lot about each other.

5. The family saw the Joshua tree - Their mom thought the tree was amazing and had to paint it and their dad found a house they would live in. The tree related to them because they could easily live in the desert like it could.

6. They move into their new house in Phoenix - The family could have lived well for a while with the money they inherited, but they spent it all quickly and that showed they didn't know
how to spend their money correctly.

7. The family goes to the zoo - They go to the cheetah cage and it licks their hand. This experience shows how brave and adventurous their family is.

8. The family moves to Welch - The kids meet their grandparents and don't like them very much so they later buy their own house in Welch and begin the foundation for the Glass Castle, but their dad throws garbage in it instead.

9. Lori moves to New York first - Jeannette then follows and finally the entire family moves to New York and they all go their own ways to accomplish their own goals.

10. The family has Thanksgiving together - At the end you see everyone has went there own way to accomplish goals, but still cares about their family.

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