Sunday, November 27, 2011

4. Important People

"The Glass Castle" includes many important people throughout the chapters. Jeannette and her parents are the most important people throughout the book. Her siblings are also important, but she has many more experiences that have an impact. As a kid Jeannette Walls was skinny and had red hair. She was curios at times and didn't let much bother her. Her parents cared about their kids, but didn't watch them very well and didn't give them much. Although they tried they never accomplished much. Jeannette's dad worked small jobs occasionally and her mom painted pictures trying to become an artist. When they did have money they would spend it on crazy things and before they knew it they had spent it all. They had goals, but rarely accomplished them. Jeannette Walls went through so much during her childhood, but continued to be strong as she went through new experiences.

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