Thursday, April 5, 2012

7. Three Major Incidents

1.) Rebecca Skloot, the author learning about the use of Henrietta's cells while in college. This is a major event because as she learned more about the cells, she became more interested in the subject. She wanted to learn more and that's what she did as she wrote this book and also helped the family learn more about what had happened.
2.) Henrietta learning she was sick and the doctors took some of her cells without her permission. This is where the story begins because readers get a better understanding of when the events occurred. This shows the doctors wanted some of her cells to get more research completed, since the use of other cells failed.
3.) The last important event is her family learning more about what occurred for so many years without their knowledge. They needed to know about everything that had happened to Henrietta's cells as they were continuously sold and tested. They did learn that her cell's were used to invent new medicines that help people today.

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