Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life As We Knew It

1.Identify a position (5)
2.Explain your criteria, application, reasoning for your position with quoted evidence as support. Please indicate the page number of your quote in parenthesis following the quote. (10)
3.Explain the position of the opposition and provide counterargument.  (10)

Life As We Knew Itwas a good book to read. Something new was always happening which kept me reading. I would recommend the book to students in other schools working on similar projects.
Students from different schools would find Life As We Knew Itinteresting too. I liked in every chapter something new happened. The characters always encountered new problems that weren't expected. "I can't decide which is worse, no electricity or unreliable electricity" (Pfeffer). There were so many normal things lost. The electricity continued to go out and as the book went on they would go days without electricity. "This morning the electricity came on for a few minutes, and when it did, Jonny said, "Hey, it's a black-on. This is what passes for humor around here."(Pfeffer) They had to adjust to a new type of lifestyle, and when things like the electricity came back on everyone would get excited. This book always had something happen that the reader wouldn't think could happen.
Many people would enjoy this book because of the genre. It is nonfiction, but small pieces of suspense are included. The reader is left not knowing what will happen at the end of the book. As soon as the asteroid collided with the moon the suspense began. All the events change the way I thought the book would end.
Although I thought the book was good, some may not agree. Some don't like the genre because they have an interest in different types of books. Some people like more action and suspense in a book to keep their attention.
I thought Life As We Knew It was a good book. I would recommend it to other students. They would like it and find it interesting do do a project on.

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